Faulty Operating System Components

WinOS operating systems come with many individual software packages, some of which are used to manage hardware interactions. These packages are called operating system components. If at any point, your computer should develop faulty operating system components, you may find that your computer freezes or fails to boot. Diagnosing the problem can be tricky. Operating systems vary, but will likely include the kernel, the shell, and the file system.

What is the Kernel?

The kernel is the heart of your computer operating system. This operating system component acts as a bridge between your computer applications and the actual processing of data by your computer hardware. Among the responsibilities assigned to the kernel is the management of system resources or the communication between software and hardware components.
The kernel handles low-level computer functions. Without the kernel, your computer cannot perform even the most basic functions. In some cases, a faulty kernel component will necessitate the reinstallation of the WinOS operating system.

What is the Shell?

The Shell refers to what is known as the graphical user interface (GUI) that you know as your desktop, the various desktop icons, your system tray and taskbar. Think of the shell as the face of WinOS. The shell makes all your programs and files user-friendly by using easy-to-indentify icons and pop-up menus you can access with the click of a mouse.
The shell is something we all depend upon to operate our computers. But what happens when the shell malfunctions? For instance, if you click on a folder and it refuses to open? Without the shell, it is difficult, if not impossible, for you to operate your computer. If you have a shell error message or your shell doesn't function as it should, your computer may be infected with a virus or other malware that has taken control of your system. A virus scan may remove the virus, but if the damage is extensive, you may need to reinstall WinOS or at least specific shell files.

What is the File System?

Every WinOS operating system depends on some type of file system. A file system is crucial for storing, accessing, writing, and deleting files. While different operating systems have their own file systems, they have many similarities in design and in the way the user can access files within the operating system. At a basic level, a file system is the manner in which you store data as individual files on your computer's hard drive and the way the data is accessed in future.
If your computer develops a problem with its file system, there may be actual physical damage to the hard disk of your computer. Such damage could cause the corruption of your file system and make it impossible to access computer files. Sometimes, a corrupted file system can be restored by replacing or reinstalling specific WinOS operating system files.
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